Sketch Artist Maleehah Smuts

Sketch Artist Maleehah Smuts was born in Durban, South Africa but now lives in New Zealand. She is a young 20 year old, who fell in love with art. Style Africa caught up with this remarkably talented artist who shared her passion, commitment and drawings with us.


“When I was little I would always make the best of my time by drawing. I would sit for what seemed like hours trying to ‘perfect’ every last detail of my work. But my true passion was definitely ignited in my primary school days where the potential in my art was first acknowledged. I enjoyed learning the different techniques of famous artists and trying them out for myself, finding what suited me best.”


My first true piece of artwork was in primary school.  It was a painting which was inspired by Van Gogh. A painting I was very proud of!


I absolutely love capturing the reality of a life, knowing that there will not be another moment where that person looked the same. The features on their face will only piece together like that once, they will always get older, and slowly change and just like a photograph I got to capture such an important moment for them, using my hands and a pencil.

Sketch Artist Maleehah Smuts


It really depends on what I am drawing, the amount of detail that is needed, shading, lighting as well as the size of the drawing, but on average it takes me about 30-50 hours spread over a week.


I have many accomplishments in which i am in awe of, but the biggest and greatest one would have to be, being able to sell my artwork. Just thinking about how art was always a hobby for me and now i am able to make something more out of it. I can bring happiness to people because I captured a moment that was dear to them in ways some photographs cannot capture. Sharing my artistic skills with complete strangers is incredible, and it is even more incredible that people have wanted to buy my work.

Sketch Artist Maleehah Smuts


Sketching the outline of the picture is always difficult, because of different angles, or unfamiliar features or expressions.  The dimensions have to be spot on as well. So it takes a lot of time measuring and getting the angles right. It’s much like architecture. I always strive to make my drawings look as close to the real thing as possible and sometimes it just takes much longer than other times.


Being able to one day have an art gallery, so that I can share my work with others, that would be the most outrageous achievement. For people to see my potential as an artist and to see them appreciate the work I do as well as the time and effort that goes into a creation.

Sketch Artist Maleehah Smuts

Maleehah offers various types of portraits such as ‘in colour’ or ‘black and white’. Her work includes people, cars and pets as well. To see her work or make contact with Maleehah take a look at her work on FACEBOOK: 50 Shades of Black or  INSTAGRAM: Liiily1022 Potential customers can reach Maleehah through either of those social media pages.

Maleehah’s work includes drawings of Ariana Grande, Miley Cirus, Minions, etc.  Her below painting entitled “DIFFERENT BUT THE SAME” was done to remind us all that even though we might all have different skin tones, different features and  different personalities… at the end of the day we are all the same.

sketch artist Maleehah Smuts



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  • Moodie Smuts says:

    I am so proud of my daughter Maleehah she works hard and puts in a 100% effort into her work. To watch her do a drawing from start to finish is truly amazing. Thank you Style Africa for acknowledging Maleehah’s skill as an Artist.

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